Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tiananmen Square

Today Ralphy and I went to Tiananmen square and had a good look about! I realized with all the French Scottish and Swiss folks I've been hanging out with I may come home with a surprisingly European accent! I never realized how big this area (Tiananmen square) is, my guess is 4/5 the size of the USA, because of how much walking around we had to do. I did Kung Fu on the balcony this morning and a guy who works here was moving my arms and back as I got in stances saying "cuo" or wrong in Chinese after about 15 min. of this I started to head in and he said "solid" and smiled at me. wonder if he spoke English?

The hostel bar is staffed by the most fun people I've yet to meet on my journey. Last night the bartender/waitress gathered all the hostel goers together to watch Michael Jackson's "This Is It" and she had the biggest smile and was singing along the whole time. She wants to speak English as bad as I want to speak Chinese so we switch. Every time I speak Chinese she responds in English. Also the cleaning crew likes to dance but this is another post.


  1. GODD-ZERRA!!!!!! :)
    Awesome stuff! Looking good.
    Lot of love, Ashley's Mom

  2. You just KNOW that guy who was correcting your Kung Fu walked back in to his buddies and went "check it out, you guys. that american totally thinks I'm some kinda kung fu teacher. ha!"..

    Seriously though.. I want to go somewhere that when you bust out a little Kung Fu not only to the people passing by know just what you're doing, but they want to come share. I am incredibly jealous dude.