Monday, August 9, 2010


It all becomes so real after you buy the tickets doesn't it?

once you have made that purchase you know you are going, leaving all the things you have become accustomed to over the last 13 years; your spouse, your bed, your dog, your cat and mostly your drinkable water that comes out of the tap whenever you want it.

god, i hope they can make a decent cup of coffee in china! i think that is my biggest fear after getting shots.

so, I'm here gathering a checklist of things for the trip, so far i have

1- 1TB external hard drive filled by dan with tv and movies for those long rides and nights.

1- backer's backpack on loan from karen and westley to carry all my clothes

1- school size satchel to carry all non-clothing items.

2- books for fun reading. Breakfast Of Champions and and I'll try to finish Haunted by chuck P now that i may have some time.

1- set of chinese textbooks to try to pass my schoolmates

it seems like i should have more things, but that's how i've always traveled; the less things i have the less things for me to lose.


  1. That's wierd that your book list doesn't include a book by scott lynch that someone loaned you and is sitting on your book case by your wife's computer (right side wall as you walk in the front door just before you turn down the hall)......