Saturday, October 16, 2010

Did he just update his blog?

That's right I'm updating my blog!!! I got a VPN so now I can do this. Let's see, i got a language exchange partner and some friends who live in town. and getting ready to head to Xi'an!!! also Kate is here in BJ right now so tomorrow i get to show her around!
this is Oregon Beer i bought at a restaurant in BJ!!!
and this is a wall

Monday, October 11, 2010

about time!

So, new adventures/pics. i don't know if you guys have noticed but I'm a little A.D.D. with the updates, sorry.
I still can't upload my own pics!?!?!?!!? Well I remembered how to send them to Facebook. so they should be up there soon
Also i have been sick for almost a week now.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More of Me Hanging Out With Europeans

I went to the summer palace with an Irishman. We however forgot his camera. So we were going to use mine until we discovered that I had forgot a memory card! Pictures of that will be coming as soon as I get them from my phone to computer.

While there the Irishman was not feeling well and vomited behind a tree in the summer palace.... It was awesome.

We went to the forbidden city again the next day. I rather enjoyed it I got better pics and I guess everything is more fun with a sick goofy Irishman (I'm thinking of finding one when i get home). We took some fun pics and now you all have to see them.

Also, my kungfu class was canceled today due to rain :-) found a group that meets in the park and invites foreigner to come learn with them!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lama Temple

Today after trying to lounge around the hostel, one of my favorite Canadians came out looking very sad and invited me to go to Lama temple. So I went. It was quite fun! I keep getting taken on very fun adventures.

(Bottom) This is "The Spaniard", also know as Angel, holding Wu Kuai, two of my favorite parts of the hostel.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City! First post just to get some of the pics up. We had a blast and it takes all day to walk through it. After walking through it we went up a mountain behind the city where you could see down onto all the rooftops. Pics of this will be coming soon.

Also, I ate some crazy-ass Chinese ice cream bar that was super awesome!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tiananmen Square

Today Ralphy and I went to Tiananmen square and had a good look about! I realized with all the French Scottish and Swiss folks I've been hanging out with I may come home with a surprisingly European accent! I never realized how big this area (Tiananmen square) is, my guess is 4/5 the size of the USA, because of how much walking around we had to do. I did Kung Fu on the balcony this morning and a guy who works here was moving my arms and back as I got in stances saying "cuo" or wrong in Chinese after about 15 min. of this I started to head in and he said "solid" and smiled at me. wonder if he spoke English?

The hostel bar is staffed by the most fun people I've yet to meet on my journey. Last night the bartender/waitress gathered all the hostel goers together to watch Michael Jackson's "This Is It" and she had the biggest smile and was singing along the whole time. She wants to speak English as bad as I want to speak Chinese so we switch. Every time I speak Chinese she responds in English. Also the cleaning crew likes to dance but this is another post.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I've Arrived

Hey! Greetings from china! I've arrived safely in Beijing. It was rather crazy trip. We flew in sunshine for over 13 hours. It was as if we were racing the sun around the world. The hostel is very nice here although if you hang-out in the internet room/bar during breaks they turn out the lights on you, I'm not sure if this means I should leave or if they are good at conserving electricity.

So back to the beginning here, the cabby tried to overcharge me until he realized I understood him saying that. Other than that I guess I don't speak Chinese. Everybody here speaks better than me and I am starting to get embarrassed about it. After 2 days here I'm starting to venture further and further from the hostel. I have been out with some other english speaking hostel goers and rather enjoyed myself. We went to silk market and I watched them haggel over prices. It's very fun.

the rabbit is named "wu kuai" or $5 which is how much he was. he lives in the hostel bar, and is very popular.
UPDATE he now has a little sister named milk milk.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


all good, got my visa! getting ready to pack at some point before i leave. as packing after that would be pointless.
this is still the craziest thing ever! CHINA here i come! time to make new friends on new continents. i've been thinking about my new friends and i want one to be from Finland.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

still laying in wait

i keep checking back on my visa app like every 2 hours even at midnight.still in process, NERVE RACKING.
mid next week im boarding a plane to China, really China. i've made it as far as NY once to visit my Great aunt but that's as fas as I've ever gone. this time across the globe and alone. i think i will have the most fun I've ever had while crapping my pants in fear.

Friday, August 13, 2010

sent off for visa

wow! having an unknown person from some website i found go pick up my visa in san francisco is nerve racking. the company says they are the best but it still makes me worry about sending them my passport and everything and hoping they get it all done for me in time. if anybody knows any good relaxation tips for me i could so use them right now

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9 dragons

i got a confirmation from my first hostel! i will post the best Chinglish parts for you now.
You need to 5days before tell us and our car is limited transport at wednesday every week
If you are the first time coming to Bei Jing. You should go to the Great wall ,our hostel oragnizes tour to Great wall everyday ,but at least 5 tourists we can go ,So if you want to go with our hostel,you can talk with Jeff using E-mail before you come here.we oragnize Dairly tour to the great wall :
including: Air-conditioned coach, entrance fee , English tour guide (Jeff),Westen breakfast in our hostel, delicious local lunch ,two bottles of water for free, total money is 230 yuan per person , it is lower than the usual price 300&400yuan .
This section of the Great wall is quiet and amazing ,nearly no more tourists except us ,and it is really old wall,Jeff will send you tour details ,phopos took by the tourists with Jeff to the Great wall and some feedback written by tourists after with Jeff to the wall, you can get more inf and think about it firstly.
If you would like to join in the tour ,you can ask Jeff in the business center when you check in our hostel, also you can send a E-mail to him to make a booking before you will check in our hostel ,Email :**************

Monday, August 9, 2010

where i'll be starting out

this is the place! here the 9 dragon hostel. seems nice.


It all becomes so real after you buy the tickets doesn't it?

once you have made that purchase you know you are going, leaving all the things you have become accustomed to over the last 13 years; your spouse, your bed, your dog, your cat and mostly your drinkable water that comes out of the tap whenever you want it.

god, i hope they can make a decent cup of coffee in china! i think that is my biggest fear after getting shots.

so, I'm here gathering a checklist of things for the trip, so far i have

1- 1TB external hard drive filled by dan with tv and movies for those long rides and nights.

1- backer's backpack on loan from karen and westley to carry all my clothes

1- school size satchel to carry all non-clothing items.

2- books for fun reading. Breakfast Of Champions and and I'll try to finish Haunted by chuck P now that i may have some time.

1- set of chinese textbooks to try to pass my schoolmates

it seems like i should have more things, but that's how i've always traveled; the less things i have the less things for me to lose.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Got the funding

I finally got my funding for my trek to China, got the Plane tickets and booked my first hostel for 2 weeks in Beijing!
it's getting closer by the day and i have to go get shots in Tuesday and go to San Francisco to get my visa in Wednesday! already an exciting trip and it has yet to leave our borders.