Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9 dragons

i got a confirmation from my first hostel! i will post the best Chinglish parts for you now.
You need to 5days before tell us and our car is limited transport at wednesday every week
If you are the first time coming to Bei Jing. You should go to the Great wall ,our hostel oragnizes tour to Great wall everyday ,but at least 5 tourists we can go ,So if you want to go with our hostel,you can talk with Jeff using E-mail before you come here.we oragnize Dairly tour to the great wall :
including: Air-conditioned coach, entrance fee , English tour guide (Jeff),Westen breakfast in our hostel, delicious local lunch ,two bottles of water for free, total money is 230 yuan per person , it is lower than the usual price 300&400yuan .
This section of the Great wall is quiet and amazing ,nearly no more tourists except us ,and it is really old wall,Jeff will send you tour details ,phopos took by the tourists with Jeff to the Great wall and some feedback written by tourists after with Jeff to the wall, you can get more inf and think about it firstly.
If you would like to join in the tour ,you can ask Jeff in the business center when you check in our hostel, also you can send a E-mail to him to make a booking before you will check in our hostel ,Email :**************


  1. So, basically Jeff's your guy!?!

  2. as long as he's not the one who wrote the email :-)

  3. I hope you have a great time, sounds like whoever wrote the email is nice at least so there's that. I definitely want to see plenty of pictures of this trip I'm so jealous of you and your trip to china you lucky bum! Do some interesting things for me would ya?