Monday, August 30, 2010

I've Arrived

Hey! Greetings from china! I've arrived safely in Beijing. It was rather crazy trip. We flew in sunshine for over 13 hours. It was as if we were racing the sun around the world. The hostel is very nice here although if you hang-out in the internet room/bar during breaks they turn out the lights on you, I'm not sure if this means I should leave or if they are good at conserving electricity.

So back to the beginning here, the cabby tried to overcharge me until he realized I understood him saying that. Other than that I guess I don't speak Chinese. Everybody here speaks better than me and I am starting to get embarrassed about it. After 2 days here I'm starting to venture further and further from the hostel. I have been out with some other english speaking hostel goers and rather enjoyed myself. We went to silk market and I watched them haggel over prices. It's very fun.

the rabbit is named "wu kuai" or $5 which is how much he was. he lives in the hostel bar, and is very popular.
UPDATE he now has a little sister named milk milk.


  1. I miss you so much! I am glad things are starting to get a little easier. And I totally disagree on the Chinese you have only taken one year! I bet they have taken more.

    And the last photo is freaking awesome!

  2. Have you pointed at your Excellency seat yet, or does there HAVE to be a fire for that?

  3. Many people in France spoke better Spanish than I did. Often they would give up and speak English to me (which some of them also spoke better than I did). Don't sweat the small stuff: Fires, Chinese comprehension, where the succor scattering facilities are and what happens there. Actually that last one I might worry about. it was good to see from you.

  4. Was the rabbit a pet, or dinner?
    From, Ashley's Mom